Webinar on Mindfulness as a Parent

In this session, Mary Doane and a group of panelists turn towards parenting – a specific type of care relationship that brings unique challenges and joys. Our panelists will share their experiences of where they find integration and where doubt creeps in, along with considering whether mindfulness helps people be a better parent and how being a parent affects mindfulness practices.

The session was held on April 25th.

Webinar on The Gift of Self-Compassion for Family Caregivers

In December our Executive Director, Roy Remer, presented a webinar for the Family Caregiver Alliance called The Gift of Self-Compassion This Holiday Season. We have posted it below for anyone to access.  

In the webinar, Roy talks about why we must include ourselves in the kindness and compassion we give others. In the interactive session, he shares practical ways to build compassion towards ourselves and those around us.