Mindful Touching as a Means of Comfort

Instructor: Irene Smith

Dates and Times:
May 13, 2020 (10:30-11:30am PDT/San Francisco)

“Touch is the integral thread that weaves the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of care together to create the essence of comfort care.” — Irene Smith

The current loss of our usual comforting strategies, due to the onset of Covid -19, may lead to depression, fatigue and or anxiety. Mindful Touching as a self comforting tool can be grounding, centering and nurturing as well as easily integrated into any daily routine.

In this free, live, online session, Irene Smith will present mindful practices of self-touch to nurture and support you during these unfamiliar times.

No previous mindfulness or touch experience necessary – open to all!

*Please note:
Registration will close 2.5 hours before the session begins.
*This session will be recorded.

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