Online art auction in support of Zen Caregiving Project

Join us for an online art auction from the Gates Gallery where all proceeds will be given to Zen Caregiving Project.

Dates and Times:
May 16, 2021 (6:00am-6:00pm PT)
Free to attend

The Gates Gallery is generously running an art auction of their beautiful current collection in support of Zen Caregiving Project. Interested bidders can place their bids on May 16th so put the date in your calendar! Visit the Gates Gallery site in advance to browse the collection. 

All proceeds will go to Zen Caregiving Project.

Art in auction:  

Please visit Gates Gallery website.

When the auction begins and ends:    

Instructions on how to make a bid will be posted on the Zen Caregiving Project website and the Gates Gallery website no later than 1st May.

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