Open Death Conversation: Online Workshop (Extended)

This course was originally an in-person full-day course but has been moved online due to coronavirus restrictions. Because of this, we are offering a 3-hour online course, rather than our standard 2-hour online Open Death Conversation Online Forum.

A guided journey into our own dying process to help us view the full arc of our lives in a realistic way and promote greater compassion towards others who are going through the end of life experience.

Instructor: Amanda Coggin

Dates and Times:
April 25, 2020 (10:00am-1:00pm PT/San Francisco)
$25 standard

Zen Caregiving Project’s Open Death Conversation Extended Workshop provides the opportunity to look closer at our own dying process. It is a wake-up call to the reality of death and serves to make us more intimate with the idea of our own mortality, leading to increased gratitude and compassion.

This workshop incorporates guided meditations and experiential exercises that in turn guide the discussion. Conversation remains a vital element of the workshop. We sit, integrate, and share our experiences with each other as well as taking part in a loss exercise. Before the workshop closes, we address Advance Directives and practical issues around end of life care. We consider what we may want for ourselves, how to assist others in receiving the care they prefer, and tools to get prepared.

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