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Touching Moments: The Therapeutic Power of Touch

Through lecture, discussion, personal reflection in both group and dyad exercises, participants will have the opportunity to discover and define the impact of touch as it pertains to daily caregiving. This course is for professional and family caregivers, doulas, and anyone thinking they may be in a caregiving relationship in the future. No need for previous touch training for personal integration of this day.

Instructor: Irene Smith

Dates and Times:
March 21, 2020 (9:00am - 6:00pm PDT/San Francisco)
$175 general admission

“Touch is the integral thread that weaves the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of care together to create the essence of comfort care.” — Irene Smith

Through integrating awareness of the touch component at the core of daily caregiving activities with education about our sense of touch, caregivers have the opportunity to develop deeper levels of trust and nurturing. 

Touching Moments: The Therapeutic Power of Touch

Touching Moments integrates this knowledge of the impact of touch during caregiving activities with the comforting strategies of propping the medically fragile person with pillows in a bed or chair and the application of lotion to the hands or feet.

Using these techniques in a therapeutic model supports relaxation, nurturing, relief from anxiety, grounding, deepening of respiration, additional social contact, and comfort. 

Touching Moments will serve anyone providing hands-on care for a loved one, patient or client, or anyone exploring the possibility of serving in a caregiver capacity.

Day includes:

  • Grounding meditation
  • The science of touch
  • Therapeutic Presence 
  • Interactive touch exercises with a partner in chairs
  • Propping a medically fragile person for comfort and relaxation
  • Applying lotion to the hands and feet in supervised hands-on practice with a partner
  • Personal sharing
  • Group discussion
  • Questions and Answers
  • Supportive text online 

General Information:

  • We use massage tables so that the caregiver may practice pillow positioning and application of lotion to hands and feet;
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing; that allows for the application of lotion to hands and feet

What to Bring:

  • A bed pillow with pillowcase;
  • Two hand towels – used as a prop for positioning;
  • One bath towel – used as a prop for positioning;
  • One flat sheet – will be used to cover a massage table for applying lotion to the feet

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