All Caregivers

“There are only four kinds of people in the world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.” – Rosalyn Carter

At Zen Caregiving Project we see everyone as a caregiver. We care for our families and friends, those we interact with, and our wider community. For some of us, such as clinicians, therapists, or Home Health Aides, caregiving is also part of our professional lives.

Caregiving can be rewarding, it can bring connection, purpose, and a sense of contentedness knowing you are supporting another. It can also be challenging, and tiring to be involved in such human and emotional work every day. That is why we designed our Mindful Caregiving Education (MCE) program, to support anyone that is involved in care (which is nearly all of us), teaching mindfulness tools and techniques that build emotional resilience and prevent overwhelm and burnout.

Courses for caregivers

Our Essentials of Mindful Caregiving (EMC) course provides an introduction to mindfulness and explores how to maintain healthy boundaries, build moments of compassion into your day, and how to sit with losses big and small that form an inevitable part of our lives. For more details see our Mindful Caregiving Explained page.

Feedback from participants in Essentials of Mindful Caregiving:

“Well organized, concise, well-researched information, clearly and compassionately presented.” 

“A very meaningful and powerful course. I will use the information I learned in my personal and professional life.”

If you are interested in attending an upcoming class, please see our class schedule.

Resources for caregivers

We have a number of webinars for professional caregivers on our Resources page, along with webinars, blogs, and articles for all caregivers on a range of topics. Here are samples:

For family caregiving resources please see our Family Caregivers page.

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