Mindful caregiving

Better Caregiving Through Mindfulness

We teach practices that help navigate the challenges of caregiving

We know that providing care can be rewarding and life-enhancing, but can also bring significant challenges and emotional strain.
Our courses introduce mindfulness-based approaches and tools to help caregivers provide better support to those in their care.

Mindful Caregiving Education

We teach mindfulness-based approaches to build emotional resilience to work skillfully with stress and loss.
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Volunteer Caregiving Program

We train volunteers in practices that help them provide compassionate support to people in palliative and hospice care settings.
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Exploring Loss

We host workshops to talk about loss and death to promote compassion for those going through the end of life experience.
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Story Highlight

"My healing started the moment I began the course"

In our latest blog, a family caregiver talks about her experience of attending MCE.

"I’m from San Francisco, am the elder of two daughters and have been blessed to be happily married for over thirty years. Two and a half years ago, my father suffered a massive stroke, and I was thrown into the “world” of family caregiving. Last year I learned about the Mindful Caregiver Education program. Until then, I hadn’t even identified myself as a family caregiver! My healing started the moment I began the course..."

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Research Highlight

Mindfulness-Based Approach to Family Caregiving Improves Care

Research has shown that family caregivers experience many sources of stress and emotional strain driven by their role as a caregiver for a family member or friend. Types of strain may be emotional, financial, social, physical, or attitudinal.

Our Mindful Family Caregiver courses teach practices and skills to help family caregivers better manage these stressors, which leads to improved quality of caregiving. Through our courses, family caregivers are able to develop increased resilience, leading to better physical and emotional well-being.

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