Family Caregiving

Better Caregiving Through Mindfulness

We teach practices that help navigate the challenges of caregiving

We know that providing care can be rewarding and life-enhancing, but can also bring significant challenges and emotional strain.
Our courses introduce mindfulness-based approaches and tools to help caregivers provide better support to those in their care.

Family Caregivers

We teach mindfulness-based courses for family caregivers, helping build resilience and reduce stress and anxiety
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Volunteer Caregivers

We train volunteers in practices that help them provide compassionate support to people in palliative and hospice care settings.
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All Caregivers

We teach mindfulness-based approaches to clinical, professional, and informal caregivers.
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Mindful Caregiving Education Explained

Whether you are a family caregiver, professional caregiver, clinician or someone who wants to learn more about caregiving, the topics and tools will be relevant and of lasting value. Watch our 1-minute video to learn more!

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Our Family Caregiver Study is Underway

We're excited to share that our Caregiver Study has begun! All 144 participants have been sent their first of four surveys to complete and will participate in a Mindful Family Caregiving course in April. The study is measuring the impact of our course, and is being run with the support of academics from University California, Davis. We hope to share results of the study at the end of 2021

Results from this study will help us better understand the impact of our course, and also help us to show other people and institutions they ways in which our course can help people. We are excited to be contributing to this growing field of research into mindfulness-based programs.

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