Mindful Caregiving Education Explained

Our Mindful Caregiving Education (MCE) introduces caregivers to practical, mindfulness-based approaches and tools to help build their emotional resilience and reduce stress and anxiety. These approaches help caregivers successfully navigate the unique and challenging situations that can arise in caregiving.

We focus on building the foundations of a caregiver’s emotional stability. We can’t stop difficult things from happening, that is part of life, but we can help caregivers learn to respond to these challenges in a more thoughtful and healthy way.

Building the foundations of emotional stability

By improving the wellbeing of the caregiver, it also improves the quality of care they can provide to the person they are caring for. If you feel less stressed you are more able to communicate and connect better to the person you are caring for and are less likely to make any errors in care. Read more about the evidence behind Mindful Caregiving Education here.

What can I expect in a course?

Our courses vary in length but each course includes an introduction to mindfulness and covers topics including as self-care, maintaining healthy boundaries, and the influence of loss on the caregiving experience. We use interactive exercises, discussion, sharing, and short guided meditations throughout the course. An experienced instructor always facilitates the courses.

MCE components

“I feel more connected to the person I am caring for because of this class, and I feel more connected to myself.”

MCE course participant

Who are the courses for?

Our courses are valuable for everyone; we have all been caregivers, may be caregivers or will receive care in the future.

Our Essentials of Mindful Caregiving course is open to everybody. We welcome clinicians, professional caregivers, and anyone interested in caregiving, to the course.

We have tailored our Mindful Family Caregiving course to people who are currently or soon-to-be family caregivers. We also work with organizations to provide customized courses to meet the needs of their members.

“This is an eye-opening and life-changing class. It provides depth and methods for being a caregiver.”

MCE course participant

We have in-person and online courses. Have a look at our class schedule to see which upcoming course is best for you.

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