Update on our Caregiver Study

The efficacy of Zen Caregiving’s mindfulness training is documented in a recent nonrandomized trial published in the peer-reviewed journal Mindfulness — “Investigating the Feasibility and Effects of an Online Mindfulness Family Caregiver Training Program” (May 24, 2023)* — which investigated the feasibility and mental health outcomes associated with Mindful Family Caregiving (MFC) training delivered online. The trial concluded that “a brief, 4-week, online group mindfulness training may be feasible and effective in reducing caregiver burden and enhancing psychological well-being in family caregivers.”

* Juberg, M., Stoll, N., Goldin, P. et al. Investigating the Feasibility and Effects of an Online Mindfulness Family Caregiver Training Program. Mindfulness 14, 1531–1541 (2023).

In April and October 2021, Zen Caregiving Project ran a research study in partnership with Dr Janice Bell and Dr Philippe Goldin from University of California, Davis. The study explored the impacts of our Mindful Family Caregiving Online Course on those caring for friends and family.

If you’d like to read more about the study, it’s design and what it involved you can read our blogs about the first wave of the study and the second wave of the study. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the study please contact Sarah@zencaregiving.org.

We’d also like to say a very big thank you to everyone who participated in the study. Whether you were a participant, you helped us raise awareness of the study opportunity or you were part of the core research team – your involvement was critical to the success of the study.

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