**All places on our Caregiver Study have now been allocated. **

We have had an overwhelming response to our study and our course is now full up.

We hope to run further studies of our Mindful Family Caregiving course in the future. If you would like to be contacted when our next study opens, please click the link below and add your details.

We will still be running our standard courses. Our Online Foundations of Mindful Caregiving will be run in June and an Online Mindful Family Caregiving course will be run in the fall. Please keep an eye on our Events page for more details and visit our Family Caregiver page for further resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindful Family Caregiving and how could it help me?

Mindful Family Caregiving course is an online course that will teach you:

  • Mindfulness-based techniques to manage stress and anxiety
  • Practices to build healthy boundaries 
  • Approaches to improve communication with the person you care for 
  • Ways to build emotional resilience to let you continue caring for as long as care is needed. 

The course is designed specifically for people caring for friends or family members and is taught by our experienced instructors Roy Remer and Mary Doane who have over 20 years of experience teaching and have been family caregivers themselves. A core part of the course is connecting and sharing with other family caregivers in the session. See our video for further information on the course.

How long is the course?

The online course involves a weekly 2-hour session, run via Zoom, for four weeks. Each 2-hour session has a different topic and will include some teaching on the topic, some activities, pair and group sharing, and a guided meditation.  

The course is taught in English, and we’re sorry that there is no translation available.

When is the study going to be run?

The course is going to be run at two different times:

  • Course 1: 4pm – 6pm PT on Tuesday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th April
  • Course 2: 3pm – 5pm PT on Thursday 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th April

You can only attend one of the courses and will not be allowed to switch groups once the sessions have started.

If I signed up, what would the study involve?

It is very simple.

  • A month before you begin the course, in March 2021, you will be sent a short online survey to complete. 
  • A few days before your course starts you will be sent a second survey to fill in.
  • You attend the four-week course, for free, with other caregivers and will be asked to take a third short survey at the end of the course.
  • We give you a $25 Amazon voucher as a thank you for completing the three surveys. 
  • A month after the session we will send you an optional follow-up survey.

Am I eligible to take part?

Below are the criteria for being able to join us. Please note, you don’t need to have any experience with mindfulness or meditation to attend.

  • You are currently providing some care to a family member or friend. This can be in-person care, and can be remote care (e.g. telephone or zoom calls, arranging appointments and medical care for the person you’re caring for, coordinating support and activities of daily living on their behalf). It can also be of any frequency – maybe you visit and run errands for someone every few days, or maybe you are a full-time carer to a friend or family member. 
  • You are able to attend all four sessions of the course you are allocated to. We understand that emergencies come up, but if you know in advance that you can’t attend a session then we can’t accept you to the study. 
  • You are willing to fill in 3 surveys as part of the study
  • You have a stable internet connection, computer equipment and can attend a zoom session with your camera turned on. We will send instructions to you about how to get on Zoom and can help you set it up if you need. 
  • You have an email address we can communicate with you through. 
  • You are over 18 years old.

I’ve never done any mindfulness or meditation, can I still attend?

Absolutely, this session is open to any caregiver that fits the criteria above!

Why are you doing a study of Mindful Family Caregiving?

We have always asked people that take our course to give feedback to see how it had an impact on them. But this kind of informal feedback isn’t always considered high enough quality for institutions like hospitals who want to see more rigorous, scientific evidence. That’s why we are working with academics Professor Jancie F Bell and Associate Professor Philippe R Goldin on this study to make sure it is high quality. 

Results from this study will help us better understand the impact of our course, and also help us to show other people and institutions the impact of the course.

What will you do with my survey data?

The survey data is held securely by the research team and will not be shared with anyone else. We will combine your survey answers with all the other participants’ answers and run analysis on it to better understand the impact of the course.

To fill in the survey, you don’t need to include your name but instead create a personal code. After the 3rd survey we will ask for your code which you can share with us if you would like to get your Thank You payment of $25.

Do I get paid?

If you attend the course, and complete the three main surveys we send you, you will receive a $25 amazon credit as a thank you.

Please note: The study is now full. If you have any further questions about the study please send an email to research@zencaregiving.org.

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