Zen Caregiving Project Poster Session

Thank you very much for visiting our poster session at the American Society of Aging 2023 Conference and for your interest in our work and research! 

Zen Caregiving Project is a non-profit whose mission is to nurture caregivers and those they care for by teaching skills rooted in mindfulness and compassion while fostering connections. We offer a range of programs for caregivers that are run online, and in-person. We also partner with organizations, running courses customized to our partners’ needs. 

In 2021 we partnered with academics from the University of California, Davis, to run a study to investigate the impact of our Mindful Family Caregiving program on family caregivers. Further information on the design and implementation of the study can be found on two blogs (here and here), with a formal launch of the study results planned for early summer 2023. 

To remain informed about the publication of our study and other training and course information, please join our monthly newsletter by signing up at the bottom of the webpage. If you have additional questions on the research or our programs please email our Chief-of-Staff Sarah Bain at sarah (at) zencaregiving.org.

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