Open Death Conversation: Online Forum

Instructor: Roy Remer

Dates and Times:
February 23, 2023 (5:00-7:00pm PT)
Suggested minimum donation: $25.00

At Zen Caregiving Project, we support all persons, living and dying with mindfulness and compassion. Additionally, we also want to change the way we die in our culture by supporting persons at the end-of-life with mindful and compassionate care.

The Open Death Conversation is a forum for discussing the many aspects of death and dying. Facilitators do not direct the conversation; rather they guide the discussion so that everyone can participate. Participants are invited to show up with an open heart and open mind which allows each person to go where they need to go.

In these sessions, we are not attached to any outcome. We provide the space and opportunity to look at death directly and speak about it with openness and honesty.

We draw inspiration from the thousands of conversations around loss, death, and dying that Zen Caregiving Project has had over the years. These conversations allow participants to better prepare for the emotional and practical aspects of one’s own or another’s end-of-life experience. 

We invite you to join us for one or more of our Open Death Conversations.

Thursday, February 23rd at 5:00 – 7:00 pm (Pacific Time/San Francisco)

The forum will be conducted through Zoom. Log-in information will be sent to participants by email prior to the session. (The Register button is on the right-hand side of this page)

*Please note: 
Registration will close 2.5 hours before the session begins.
This session will not be recorded.

We will be using the Zoom web conferencing platform to run the forum.

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