Zen Caregiving Project Volunteers Continue 30-Year Legacy of Service at Laguna Honda Hospital

Laguna Honda Hospital is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center owned and run by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, committed to providing care to the diverse communities of San Francisco.

For over 30 years, our organization has been recruiting, training, and managing a cohort of volunteers to serve on the palliative care ward of Laguna Honda Hospital. Volunteers commit to a weekly five-hour shift for a minimum of a year. Many volunteers choose to continue service, with an average tenure of service being five years. There are 70 volunteers currently serving on the ward, providing a total of 19,000 hours per year of compassionate and mindful-based care to persons living with chronic and terminal illness.

The volunteers are like a bridge between the staff and the residents. My mother and I both enjoy them. They make the transition much smoother for both of us.

Daughter of resident in the Palliative Care Ward at Laguna Honda Hosptial

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