Exploring Loss

Changing How We Think About Dying

By contemplating death, we can embrace life more fully

We dare to look at death directly and consider what we want for ourselves.
We consider how we might prepare for not getting what we want when our time comes.
At Zen Caregiving Project, we trust in the value of contemplating death as a way of embracing life fully.

"This forum gave me insight on how to start a conversation
about death within my own group of friends"

Workshops on Loss

Join us for a guided journey into death and dying

We dare to look at death directly and contemplate its place in our life.

Our Open Death Conversations Workshops are a forum for discussing the many aspects of death and dying. We are not attached to any outcome. We do not direct the conversation. We invite everyone; we only ask that participants show up with an open heart and an open mind, and allow themselves to go where they need to go.

We have no agenda other than to generate meaningful, energetic conversation free from judgment.

We draw inspiration from the thousands of heartfelt conversations that Zen Hospice Project has had over the years. Our experience in caring for dying persons and their families allows us to get in touch with the final stage of life. Doing so enables us to more completely prepare for our eventual end of life experience, from emotional reactions to practical considerations.

These workshops remind us of the reality of death and serve to create more intimacy in our relationship with mortality. The practices we employ help us view the full arc of our lives realistically. They also promote compassion towards others who are going through the end of life experience.

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