Improving Care Through Community Partnerships

Improving Care Through Community Partnerships

Building strong partnerships to share our approach and reach those in need

We believe that better caregiving happens through networks of inspired people and organizations working together. We partner with organizations across all sectors, tailoring our programs to their needs, and the needs of the caregivers they serve.

Mindful Caregiver Education

Partner with us and customize caregiver education that fits your setting and meets your needs.
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Volunteer Caregiver Program

We can support you in training your volunteers in mindful caregiving or manage recruiting and training directly for you.
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Community Discussions

Partner with us for meaningful discussions about loss and dying. We develop workshops to help people explore death.
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We believe in the power of collaboration

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If you're interested in collaborating on any of our programs, we'd love to hear from you. With each partnership, we work through a process to fully understand the needs of your organization and who you serve before we suggest any plans or designs.We'll make certain our partnership offers the greatest and most sustainable impact

Our work is heart-led and evidence-grounded. We enjoy working with others who bring expertise and passion to the work of supporting people experiencing chronic and terminal illness and their caregivers.

Before submitting an inquiry please have a quick read of our Partnership FAQs that explain more about our criteria and costs for delivering courses and training. We look forward to hearing from you

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Partnership Highlight

Zen Caregiving Project Volunteer Caregivers serve at San Francisco's Laguna Honda Hospital

Collaborating to enhance care since 1988

Zen Caregiving Project has collaborated with Laguna Honda for more than 30 years, creating a unique service within the largest public long-term care facility in the United States. This site offers much-needed care to the medically underserved populations of San Francisco.

Our Volunteer Caregivers provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support to men and women with chronic and terminal illnesses. Laguna Honda, in turn, provides multi-disciplinary medical and social components. This remarkable partnership between public and private institutions has lasted more than three decades, one of the longest-running hospice and palliative care programs in the country. Together, Zen Caregiving Project and Laguna Honda Hospital have cared for over 2,300 hospice patients in their final days, weeks, and months of life.


Collaborating with Kaiser Permanente to Support Their Member Family Caregivers

Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plans, serving 12.3 million members, with headquarters in Oakland, California. Zen Caregiving Project have partnered with Kaiser Permanente, Northern California, to pilot our Mindful Family Caregiver course with Kaiser members who are family caregivers. The pilot will explore which format of our course is the most convenient for staff, patients and caregivers in two Kaiser Permanente locations and also capture the impact of the course on those who attend. Our evaluation of the project is in partnership with the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, UC Davis.

Zen Caregiving Project Volunteers Continue 30-Year Legacy of Service at Laguna Honda Hospital

Laguna Honda Hospital is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center owned and run by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, committed to providing care to the diverse communities of San Francisco.

For over 30 years, our organization has been recruiting, training, and managing a cohort of volunteers to serve on the palliative care ward of Laguna Honda Hospital. Volunteers commit to a weekly five-hour shift for a minimum of a year. Many volunteers choose to continue service, with an average tenure of service being five years. There are 70 volunteers currently serving on the ward, providing a total of 19,000 hours per year of compassionate and mindful-based care to persons living with chronic and terminal illness.

The volunteers are like a bridge between the staff and the residents. My mother and I both enjoy them. They make the transition much smoother for both of us.

Daughter of resident in the Palliative Care Ward at Laguna Honda Hosptial

Working With San Francisco’s In-Home Support Services to Train Caregivers

The San Francisco In-Home Support Services (IHSS) help older adults and persons with disabilities receive care in their homes. Zen Caregiving Project (then known as Zen Hospice Project) partnered with IHSS to deliver our Mindful Caregiver Courses to five groups of caregivers, 67 caregivers in total. Each course ran for two half-days and was tailored to the needs of both the professional and family caregivers that attended. Eighty-five percent of attendees felt the training would be useful in their caregiving.

ZSFG Mindfulness-Based Training for Cancer Caregivers

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG) provides care for the people of San Francisco, regardless of ability to pay or immigration status. Zen Caregiving Project will be partnering with ZSFG on a three-year project to develop training and materials that equip hospital staff to deliver Mindful Caregiving support sessions to caregivers of cancer patients.

This partnership has been funded as part of the generous health systems grant from the Stupski Foundation which aims to transform how people experience the end of life in the Bay area.

Thirty-Year Partnership with Everflowing: The Language of Touch

Everflowing is an educational program founded by Irene Smith, who has four decades of experience caring for persons living with chronic and terminal illness through mindful touching. Everflowing’s mission is to teach touch awareness and therapeutic presence as opportunities to recognize and express tenderness in caregiving. Irene regularly delivers training as a Guest Instructor in Zen Caregiving Project’s Volunteer Program training and Mindful Caregiving Education courses. We are excited and honored to partner with Irene by hosting her Touching Moments classes as an offering within Mindful Caregiver Education.

Reaching Chinese-Speaking Family Caregivers with CACCC

The Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC) is a non-profit with the aim of supporting Chinese Americans face end of life with dignity and respect. Zen Caregiving Project is collaborating with CACCC to translate our Mindful Family Caregiving program into Mandarin and is training CACCC volunteers in the delivery of Mindful Family Caregiving modules. These trained volunteers will deliver the program to Chinese-speaking family caregivers.

Ever Presence Symposium SLC

Ever Presence brought local and national experts together to create dialogue around death and dying to Salt Lake City, Utah. Zen Caregiving Project was pleased to be invited to participate in the new event’s activities. The inaugural one-day gathering included presenters from around the world who have worked in end-of-life care. In addition to a symposium presentation, Zen Caregiving’s Executive Director, Roy Remer, led a daylong Open Death Conversation workshop. Zen Caregiving Project will be returning to the symposium again this year to participate in its roster of activities.

ZSFG – Daylong mindfulness-based training for medical interns

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG) provides care for the people of San Francisco, regardless of ability to pay or immigration status. Zen Caregiving Project is working with the Internal Medicine Residency program at ZSFG to deliver a one-day Mindful Caregiving Education course for first and second-year interns. The session will be tailored to address the needs of clinicians and introduce them to mindfulness-based tools that will support their well-being while ensuring continued compassionate care for their patients.

Co-Hosting a Dementia Caregiver Wellness Day with Local Partners

This spring we partnered with the Ray Dolby Brain Health Center, the Presence Care Project, Family Caregiver Alliance and the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services to run a day of wellness, relaxation, and community for family and friends who care for a loved one with a dementia-related illness. Held at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, the event offered caregivers an opportunity to participate in various activities that promote rest, connection, and mindfulness. The event was well-received, and its success has led to plans for it to become an annual event.

Infinito Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Zen Caregiving Project partnered with Infinito to produce the Infinito Festival About Living and Dying Symposium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Zen Caregiving Project Executive Director Roy Remer was a keynote speaker at the symposium and co-lead a day-long workshop with Infinito founder Tom Almeida that focused on cultivating a healthy relationship with death and mortality. Zen Caregiving Project is supporting the Sao Paulo medical community in establishing a residential hospice facility and in creating a culture of hospice volunteering.

Spreading the Joy of Flowers: Our Partnership with The Bloom Project

The Bloom Project is a Portland-based non-profit that provides fresh bouquets, made from flowers donated by wholesale florists and grocery stores, to local hospice and palliative care patients. The Bloom Project has secured San Francisco flower donations and has trained Zen Caregiving Project volunteers on how to beautifully and thoughtfully arrange flowers to last up to seven days. Our volunteers pick up the flowers, arrange them into bouquets and make deliveries to each resident in the Palliative Care ward at Laguna Honda Hospital, bringing beauty and joy to the residents and their families.

San Francisco Zen Center

Zen Hospice Project, now known as Zen Caregiving Project, was founded as part of the San Francisco Zen Center before it incorporated as a separate 501c3 non-profit organization in 1988. After more than 30 years, the long-standing relationship between the two organizations continues. Paul Haller, a leading SFZC teacher, and its former abbot is a member of our board of directors. Senior SFZC teachers have been regular presenters at our volunteer community meetings. Many of our volunteers come to us through their relationship to the center. And, current and former Zen Caregiving Project staff are involved in the creation of an SFZC project to create a zen-inspired senior living community in Sonoma County.

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