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Join Us for Our Open Death Conversation Daylong Workshop

Join us for our Open Death Conversation Daylong Workshop taking place in San Francisco on February 29, 2020, from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm PDT.

The location for the Daylong Workshop is here –

1161 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Instructors Celeyce Matthews, BSN, RN, and Cassandra Palmer provide a guided journey into our own dying process to help us view the full arc of our lives in a realistic way and promote greater compassion towards others who are going through the end of life experience.

In this workshop, we get in touch with the final stage of life. This workshop incorporates guided meditations and experiential exercises that in turn guide the discussion. Conversation remains the vital element of class.

After each exercise, we sit, integrate, and share our experiences one-on-one, in small groups, and together as a whole.

As the day progresses, our discussions get deeper and our connections grow stronger.

Before the session closes we address Advance Directives and practical issues around end of life care. We consider what we may want for ourselves, how to assist others in receiving the care they prefer, and tools to get prepared.

Topics explored include:

  • Preparing for Death Meditation
  • Loss Exercise
  • Walking with Mortality
  • Guided Death Contemplation
  • Advance Directives
  • Group Meditation

For more information or to purchase a ticket, click through this link

Open Death Conversation: Online Forum

December 11, 2019 (6:30 - 8:30pm PDT/San Francisco)
Zoom Live Webinar

A guided journey into our own dying process to help us view the full arc of our lives in a realistic way and promote greater compassion towards others who are going through the end of life experience.

Instructor: Cassandra Palmer

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Exploring Death and Dying

End Well

A non-profit media platform and annual conference with the aim of normalizing conversations about our mortality throughout life. The website shares videos from leaders in all sectors who approach the topic of death and loss from many diverse angles.

The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living

A book by Frank Ostaseski, the cofounder of the Zen Hospice Project and Metta Institute, who has sat on the precipice of death with more than a thousand people. He has trained countless clinicians and caregivers in the art of mindful and compassionate care. In The Five Invitations, he distills the lessons gleaned over decades of selfless service offering an evocative and stirring guide that points to a radical path to transformation.


ReImagine is a citywide exploration of death and the celebration of life through creativity and conversation. ReImagine will operate in San Francisco and New York over the coming year.

End Game

A short documentary following the stories of three visionary medical providers, one of which is Zen Hospice Project, caring for and supporting those approaching the end of their lives.

What does it feel like to die?

A book by long-time hospice volunteer, Jennie Dear, who uses the latest medical findings and sensitive human insights to offer answers to questions that affect us all like Does dying hurt? and Is there a better way to cope with dying?

Death Cafes

At a Death Cafe, people drink tea, eat cake, and discuss death. You can search for the next cafe anywhere in the world. They also offer numerous resources on death and dying.

Death Over Dinner

An interactive toolkit to help you set-up and host a dinner to discuss death with friends and family. The website provides videos, articles, and thought-provoking questions. Even if you don’t end up hosting a dinner party, it will get you thinking.

Zen Caregiving Project Custom Mindful Caregiving Courses

At organization or external venue

We can customize our courses to fit the needs of your organization and of those you serve. Using our core curriculum as the foundation of any course, we can tailor our content to focus on different aspects of caregiving and loss, and tailor the length and format of the course to fit your requirements.


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